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Whether you are creating a new driveway or wishing
to cover over an existing unattractive one, natural
stone gravel is a classic surface treatment that blends
with your new doors and their surroundings like no
other material. The affordability and practicality of this
surface will surprise you.

Free design assistance is always provided to our
customers, including a complimentary landscape plan
for clients utilizing both our garage door and driveway
surface services.

A full line of paving and edging treatments is available,
using natural and manmade stone, pavers and cobbles.
Hybrid installations, utilizing pavers at the street to
replace defective pavement in combination with a
gravel surface treatment, can be very beautiful and
cost effective.

Permeable pavement options can be utilized to gain
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)
credit for water run-off management. For more on the
green aspects of our pavement options click on the
green home icon below.

Questions? Please e-mail info@kastlebridge.com or call 617-266-1685 for MA and RI, 860-751-9647 for CT